Photo Gallery

Photo images of easy to 
install foam crown 
molding installations

Install foam crown molding with LED
lighting on a game room vaulted ceiling.

Install foam crown molding on the 
ceiling and on the top of the kitchen cabinets.

Foam crown molding installed in a kitchen 
accented with LED strips lighting on top.

Foam crown molding with surrounding
 LED lights in a vaulted master bedroom 
using our regular flat back crown 
molding to hold LED lighting strips.

Foam crown molding size 3.5" to add a 
great look to a bathroom. Our crown 
moldings work great in locations 
where its steamy from showers.

Austin Crown Moldings add a bold look
to any home entry. This 10 ft. ceiling is 
shown with our 5.5." Engel molding.

Add a elegant look to any dining room 
with our foam crown moldings.