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Where do we sell?  We sell only as Austin Crown Molding.
We do not sell to the big box stores like THE HOME DEPOT or LOWES.
Our crown moldings are made in America.  Not Imported from Chile, Argentina, Brazil or China! We are American home owned and operated. We believe that any customers deserve the best in support and service. You cannot get our products in any of the big box stores. We are here to help you throughout your project from ordering to installation.  It is our pleasure to do business with you!

Foam crown molding facts:  Foam crown moldings made in America Austin Crown Molding one piece moldings: In contrast to wood crown moldings that require the use of multiple moldings to create a layered structure, foam crown moldings are available in a single piece of intricate designs, which translates to less time required for the installation process. Another thing that contributes to easy installation is the flexibility of polystyrene foam.

Painting made easy:  Our molded styrofoam crown moldings have a high density, molded, smooth, white surface that looks great in any home. However, even if you do wish to paint them in a certain color, all you need to do is apply a one coat of water-based latex paint. This is much easier and less time consuming than painting wood crown moldings that involve applying a coat of primer followed by 2-3 coats of paint and sanding in between. What's more, you can even faux finish our crown moldings to look like real wood crown moldings for just pennies a foot.

Styles and sizes:  Unlike traditional wood crown moldings, foam crown moldings are available in a wide range of designs that are created keeping the different types of ceilings in mind. For example, our vaulted foam crown moldings are designed for use in rooms that have a sloped, cathedral or angled ceiling, while flat back moldings are meant for rooms with flat ceiling. Our foam crown moldings come in six styles and in three different sizes of each style. With this combination you can keep the same style throughout you home no matter what your ceiling height.

Our polystyrene foam moldings:   Our moldings are resistant to damage caused by exposure to water and moisture, which makes them ideal for exterior use as well as use on damp surfaces. So, you can easily install foam crown moldings in your bathroom, basement, or kitchen without having to worry about replacing it. This gives it an edge over other common materials used for making crown moldings. Cost: The biggest advantage of polystyrene foam crown molding is that it typically costs less than expensive crown moldings made of wood or polyurethane.  This is because of its patented molded manufacturing process. So, if you're on the lookout for an inexpensive way to add a decorative look to your interiors, then Austin Crown Molding's polystyrene foam crown molding should be your most obvious choice. Class A fire rated.

Easy to install on many surfaces:  There is no end to the different types of surfaces on which you can successfully mount our foam crown moldings wood, brick, rock, marble, acrylic, tile, drywall, steel, granite, and concrete, just to name a few. This makes them a highly decorative element of design that can be used to decorate walls and ceilings. No fasteners are needed and there are no nail holes to fill. There is no need to buy a bunch expensive tools. All you need to install is a simple caulking gun, tape measure and a means to cut it with. It's high density makes it cut smooth like butter in an electric miter saw.
In fact, the process is so simple that you need not even call a professional, rather do it yourself successfully with the use of simple tools. In fact, our foam crown moldings are installed using good quality painter's caulk. This is because our high density polystyrene foam crown moldings are a light weight material. 

Shipping:  Austin Crown Molding ships orders within all the lower 48 states. You will need to call for quotes to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and outlying areas.  512-751-4477. We ship FedEx ground, priority, and overnight. Your best rates are on regular ground services but we offer priority services at an additional cost. We do not inflate the costs of our products to show the price of shipping to be low or free. We ship in the smallest boxes per product to save you shipping fees. Shipping fees have changed in the last few years from actual weight dimensional weight. "A box ships at the same cost whether if its full or empty

This is why you see so many options for buying different quantities or brackets of products in this cart.