Help Videos


How to install our foam crown molding? Easily complete 

a crown molding room installation in about an hour.


How to install foam crown molding with LED indirect lighting strips. 

Our flat back foam crown moldings are the best way to install 

indirect LED lighting. Mounts with simple painters caulk to any wall.


How to cut an inside crown molding corner. Cut an inside room crown 

molding corner easily with our flat back crown moldings. No confusing 

complex, compound miter cuts.



How to cut an inside crown molding corner. Cut a outside room crown 

molding corner easily with our flat back crown moldings. No confusing 

complex, compound miter cutting.


How to cut and install crown molding corner blocks. Use our blocks to add 

a decorative look to any room. Just cut your molding straight on the ends 

and butt the molding up to them. Use blocks on vaulted ceilings to make

transitions in the corners.


How to cut a crown molding outside bullnose corner. Cut a three 

piece corner quickly with our flat back foam crown molding.


How to cut a back to back foam crown molding corner. Finish off

a divider or island wall. Just make three simple cuts.


How cut a square dead end on the end of a crown molding run. If you

 can cut an outside corner, you can make a crown molding dead end. 

A great way to finish off a crown molding end A square dead end 

means the end looks like the face of the molding.


How cut a tapered dead end at the end of a crown molding run. If you 

can cut an outside corner, you can make a crown molding dead end. 

A great way to finish a crown molding end on any wall. A tapered 

dead end gives a smoother transition on the end.


How vaulted crown moldings work on cathedral, sloped or vaulted ceilings. 

Use our vaulted foam crown moldings on ceilings with an angle of 

75 degrees up to about 135 degrees. Our vaulted crown moldings 

have an easily adjustable design for any vaulted ceiling.


How to cut a vaulted up corner for cathedral, sloped, or vaulted 

ceilings. Cut a vaulted up corner on ceilings with a flat ceiling angle 

of 90 degrees to about 135 degrees up. 


How to cut a vaulted down corner for cathedral, sloped or vaulted ceilings. 

Cut a vaulted down corner on ceilings with a flat ceiling angle of 90 

degrees to about 65 degrees down. 


What type of saw blade should you use for cutting polystyrene foam 

crown moldings? Just a regular medium to fine trim carpenters blade works best.


How to cut large angle crown molding corners. See the simple way 

to cut large crown molding corners the easy way for large angles 

like 120, 130, 135 degrees. It's just a little simple math!


How to make good crown molding seams and joints with our foam

crown moldings. No angled 45 degree scarf joints are needed.

Foam crown moldings do not expand and contract like wood moldings.